Kensington Compost and Garden Facilitation - City of Melbourne

The Kensington Compost Hub and Stockyards Garden Projects came about in response to community activity and desire for more opportunities to get involved in food projects in Kensington. The compost hub supports the innovative work of the existing Kensington Compost project run by volunteers on nature strips and in gardens in the area.

3000acres recruited two working groups of local residents for the process of designing the two elements of the project. Over four workshop sessions we led the group through a design process to determine the cultural and structural goals of the garden and compost hub and together established the management guidelines and policies.

3000acres empowered local residents to realise their vision for a closed loop food system in Kensington with a vibrant and abundant food garden and composting hub, following principles of sustainability by using recycled and re-purposed materials wherever possible. The workshop process helped participants identify the strengths and networks already existing in their community and to build partnerships that will embed the projects in the neighbourhood.