Earl St Community Garden Design Process - City of Boroondara

In 2018 we led a series of design sessions with the Earl Street Community Garden Working Group, taking them through the process of incorporation, garden design and creation of a management plan for this garden in Kew, which will be built in 2019. Boroondara Council and a team of landscape architects have used the Group’s vision and mud drawing to create the final design. Click for more information on the progress of the garden or to find out how to join. Take a look at the video that was made about the project.

Earl Street Working Group Vision: The Earl Street Community Garden is an inclusive and nurturing gathering space that is committed to the principles of sustainability in the growing and sharing of food.

Objectives: (short form):

  • Improve food security and promote healthy eating
  • Enhance the use of green space in Kew
  • Increase community connection and reduce social isolation
  • Strengthen local neighbourhood dynamics
  • Build a strong sense of place
  • Reduce our environmental impact
  • Encourage local biodiversity and connect with nature
  • Increase the number of locals engaged in food growing
  • Nurture curiosity and provide hands-on learning for children
  • Ensure longevity of the gardening community by using sustainable management practices which are open, participatory and non-judgemental.