Garden Starter

We know that starting an urban food garden can be a daunting and sometimes difficult process, which is why we’re here to help.  

In addition to our toolkit, we provide personalised assistance to people who are working on starting a garden. We have lots of experience overcoming the barriers that you’re likely to face and can help you with:

  • bureaucratic red-tape (incorporation, insurance, lease, memorandum of understanding, permits)
  • applying for funding
  • garden design
  • community building and
  • general advice about starting gardens

We can also offer practical help:

  • volunteers for building the garden
  • loan of tools for the build: gloves, shovels, buckets, wheelbarrow and
  • demonstration of how to make a wicking bed

If you would like our help to get your community garden growing, simply fill out the form below.

This offer is only available to community members, community groups and not-for-profit organisations.


Garden Starter