About 3000acres

Our Vision

At 3000acres, we want to see more people, growing more food, in more places.

Since 2014 we have been working to break down the barriers to urban food growing by improving the enabling cultural and regulatory environment, by influencing the the public and private sector to rethink vacant land use, and by empowering community groups with the knowledge and skills they need to make it happen.

By doing so, we aim to normalise food growing as an expected feature of healthy urban landscapes.

Our Story

3000acres was born out of a seemingly simple question: ‘How can we improve access to healthy and fresh foods in urban environments?’

Through an innovative collaboration with town planners, lawyers, residential developers and web-based developers, our solution to this issue of urban food insecurity was not to provide food to people, but to instead unlock pockets of vacant land to enable people to grow food for themselves. Within the city of Melbourne there is such a vast amount of underutilized space – ranging from tiny verges on street corners, to vacant car parks, to large scale empty lots awaiting development. By considering the principles of sustainable urban design we began to recognize the potential of the vacant concrete lot as an un-tapped opportunity to be transformed into vibrant and productive open spaces.

What about those vacant lots? Kate Dundas, 3000acres Board member, at TEDxMelbourne

Media Enquiries

Want to talk to someone at 3000acres for an article, interview, or other media coverage? Email us at hello@3000acres.org.

3000acres has featured in numerous magazines, radio shows and papers including The Weekly Review, Business Day, Dumbo feather, The Age, Time Out, MX, Milk Bar, The Urban List, Broadsheet, Three Thousand, Open Journal and numerous international websites and blogs.